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Bloggers and Reviewers


Blog/Review name: A Bit Of Dash


Bio: A book related site where I review books, post about book challenges, book giveaways, free/cheap ebooks, my library trips, and whatever else booky strikes my fancy.

Genre: I'll read just about anything, but my personal favorites are science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, urban fantasy, and historical fiction.

Contact: Natasha Zaleski | USA


Blog/Review name: A Book Obsession


Twitter: @liddlshortydemo

Bio: I am a 20 something stay at home Mom who is trying to juggle two toddlers and going to college as well as my love (obsession) for books. Urban Fantasy and Paranormal are my genres of choice. I created this blog as an outlet to share my feelings about the books I read with others. If you have read any of the books I post about I would love any comments on your thoughts about the books. I love being able to discuss books with others.

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Paranormal YA, Dystopian

Contact: Kt | | USA


Blog/Review name: A Fantastical Librarian


Twitter: @Pallekenl

Bio: I'm a librarian with a passion for books. On my site I review the books I read, which tend to mostly be speculative fiction, crime and historical fiction. Both for adults and YA.

Genre: I read mostly fantasy, science fiction, crime, historical fiction and YA.

Contact: Mieneke van der Salm | | The Netherlands


Blog/Review name: Akshul


Twitter: @AgentAkki

Bio: We are a bunch of crazy book lovers whose mission is to make sure your next read is awesome by providing you with reviews of recent and past releases and helping you stay away from their boring monotonous cousins (the bad books). While we don’t have any rigid boundaries, we will concentrate on fantasy, sci-fi and thrillers and help you find diamonds in the literary haystack. We will also keep you informed on interesting developments, interview authors and explore the very edges of the colossal bookverse, Since we adore seeing the universes created by authors expanding into other media, we will ocassionalyy cover and review adaptations as well.

Genre: Fantasy , Thrillers , Sci-Fi , Crime , Mystery , YA

Contact: Akshay Bakshi | | India


Blog/Review name: A Life of Books and Tea


Twitter: @mrsdmi

Bio: I review every book I read as I chronicle my failing attempts to reduce my pile of books to be read to a manageable number.

Genre: My reading is eclectic, but I tend to prefer classic fiction, fantasy, historical novels, short story collections and literary fiction.

Contact: Katie Stevens | | UK


Blog/Review name: A Reader’s Random Ramblings


Twitter: @fionareadersrr

Bio: This is my personal blog in which I write about my life in general, including the books that I read with reviews.

Genre: I read both non-fiction and fiction. In non-fiction I'm particularly interested in science, psychology and philosophy, though I read widely. In fiction, I enjoy a range of genres including young adult.

Contact: Fiona Jones | | Australia

Blog/Review name: Amy Reads


Twitter: @amckiereads

Bio: I am a twenty-something professional who travels for work, thus giving me quite a bit of reading time. I review everything that I read whether I liked it or not, always, of course, trying to point out what others will like in something that I did not.

Genre: I have a big love of international fiction, especially African, and within that, Nigerian literature. I also love women's and gender studies books, and GLBTQ books. That being said, my blog has a bit of everything.

Contact: Amy Reads | | Canada

Blog/Review name: Andi Lit


Twitter: @andilit

Bio: Thoughts on books, music, writing, teaching, and life

Genre: None in particular. But I do read a lot of creative nonfiction and literary nonfiction.

Contact: Andi Cumbo | | USA


Blog/Review name: Art History, Architecture, Decorative Arts, Museum, and Visual Studies Book Review Blog


Bio: Critical book reviews of publications in all areas and periods of art history, architecture, the decorative arts, gardens, garden history, museology, museums, museum education, museum exhibitions, museum studies, photography, and visual studies, with a focus on publications that have not been reviewed elsewhere.

Genre: Nonfiction books about the above subjects

Contact: C. A. Lajos | | USA

Blog/Review name: As I Turn the Pages


Twitter: @bookangel224

Bio: I write reviews, post Q&As, guest posts, and other book-related content.

Genre: No. I'm one of those bloggers who likes just about everything except science fiction. I read contemporary YA, literary fiction, mysteries, memoirs, historical fiction, and chick lit.

Contact: Jael | | USA

Blog/Review name: At Home with Books


Twitter: @athomewithbooks

Bio: I publish two or three book reviews each week on my blog, and usually have a post or two featuring books I have acquired or books that I am hoping to acquire in the future.

Genre: Fiction, historical fiction, literary fiction, science fiction, fantasy, young adult fiction, memoirs, biographies, graphic novels and general nonfiction. (No paranormal fiction please)

Contact: Alyce | | USA


Blog/Review name: Backseat Nightmares


Bio: Backseat Nightmares covers all aspects of the Paranormal Genre. We review and discuss books, movies and television. Join us for weekly author interviews, book reviews, movie reviews and discussions.

Genre: We review all things Paranormal, including but not limited to, Horror, Urban Fantasy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Paranormal Romance, YA Paranormal, Werewolves, Vampires and Paranomal Fiction.

Contact: Manda Kay | | USA


Blog/Review name: Baffled Books


Twitter: @baffledbooks

Bio: We are a couple of university students whose chosen method of procrastination is reading. The result? An eclectic book review/discussion blog! Home to the 2011 Caribbean Writers (Reading) Challenge and long rambling reviews on an assortment of very odd books.

Genre: We will read most anything but lean towards literary/contemporary fiction, science fiction and young adult.

Contact: Lisa K | | Barbados


Blog/Review name: Between the Lines


Twitter: @AliBacon

Bio: A writer's site with updates on my writing career but also book reviews once or twice per month

Genre: Mainly women's fiction

Contact: Alison Bacon | | UK

Blog/Review name: Bexley Blograry


Bio: "It's part blog, part library, with a passion for books and a soft, fruity flavour..."

Genre: Anything topical that tickles our fancy...

Contact: Blogbrarian | UK


Blog/Review name: Biblio Files


Twitter: @RedRagamuffin

Bio: Blog focuses on all things books--personal libraries, indie bookstores, book reviews, and bookish objects to make and buy

Genre: Generalist

Contact: Kelly Kegans | | USA



Blog/Review name: Bitesize Books


Twitter: @carrie5012

Bio: Bookworm and part time bookshop employee who reviews books, blogs and makes a nuisance of herself at where she also provides some help with reading lists for children (and hopes to do the same for adults and bookgroups in the near future).

Genre: Adult, YA and teen fiction

Contact: Carole Robinson | | Ireland


Blog/Review name: Boekeman


Twitter: @boezeman

Bio: My name is Timo Boezeman and I work as an Acquisitions Editor at one of the largest publishers in the Netherlands: A. W. Bruna Publishers. Besides my work as an editor, I work on digital publishing within our publishing house and am exploring new developments within the world of books. This blog is a place for me to write about my findings, thoughts and little trial balloons to share with colleagues and other interested parties. And of course, to discuss all these issues.

Genre: I cover (worldwide) new developments in the publishing industry

Contact: Timo Boezeman | The Netherlands


Blog/Review name: Book-Addicts


Twitter: @BookAddicts

Bio: Faced with an ominous To Be Read pile, we formed this website to help us face our literary addiction and spread the word about the serious infatuation we have about books. The massive amounts of money and time we spend on books threatens to rip the very fabric of our lives and those of our loved ones. This was the only thing we could do.

Genre: Fiction, but no specific sub-genre. If it's a book, chances are one of us wants to read it. We lean toward fantasy, sci-fi, mystery/thriller, paranormal romance and young adult - but we'll honestly read anything.

Contact: | USA

Blog/Review name: Book Angel Booktopia


Twitter: @BookAngel_Emma

Bio: Middle Grade and Young Adult book reviews with music, trailers and the musings of a Teen Librarian thrown in.

Contact: Emma Davies | | UK

Blog/Review name: Book Labyrinth


Twitter: @BookLabyrinth

Bio: Book Labyrinth is a YA book review blog which aims to share my top picks, and a love of reading in general, with others.

Genre: Young Adult Fiction -- I am especially fond of realism/contemporary fiction (especially those books with a romantic subplot), science fiction (especially dystopian novels) and fantasy. I generally do NOT read paranormal romance.

Contact: Ashley | | Canada

Blog/Review name: Book Maven


Twitter: @marymhoffman

Bio: The Book Maven writes about literature, the UK publishing industry, the writing process and reviews books.

Genre: YA (teenage) and children's but not exclusively.

Contact: Mary Hoffman | | UK


Blog/Review name: Book Twirps


Twitter: @booktwirps | @otothedell

Bio: Book reviews, book to movie news, general book news

Genre: Mainly cover YA fiction and Literary Fiction (including Chick Lit, Mysteries, Horror, Thrillers and Romance). Occasionally biographies/autobiographies.

Contact: ODell Hutchison | | USA


Blog/Review name: Book Wormz


Twitter: @joana_james

Bio: This is a book blog/review site that focuses on independently published work. I'll gladly review other works but indie authors are my priority.

Genre: I cover all genres except: - romance novels - books containing excessive adult language -Non-fiction

Contact: Joana James | St Lucia


Blog/Review name: Book Philia


Bio: Eclectic mix of classics and current books reviewed. Ideas about books discussed.

Genre: I read and review a wide range of books.

Contact: Melissa R. Wolfe | | USA

Blog/Review name: Book’d out


Twitter: @bookdout

Bio: Book'd Out is a book review and news blog for any reader.

Genre: Eclectic selection, prefer adult fiction.

Contact: Shelleyrae | | Australia


Blog/Review name: Bookmomma


Twitter: @bookmommablog

Bio: I have a fun, easy to read site. I will tell you what I think about a book, but I am not here to knock anyone down. I'm just a lover of good, thought-provoking literature. So settle in and stay awhile. Feet are allowed on the furniture.

Genre: If the characters and plot are captivating, I am fame for any genre.

Contact: Ashley Little | | USA


Blog/Review name:<!--[endif]--> Books Like Breathing


Twitter: @bibliophile23

Bio: Romance, YA and Fiction reviews by an opinionated New Yorker with a caffeine addiction. I try to have my reviews completed from the receipt of the book.

Genre: I focus mostly on Romance and YA but I will read and review just about anything.

Contact: Grace | | USA

Blog/Review name: Bookatlas


Twitter: @Bookatlas

Bio: Brief thoughts and synopsis of every book I read, as I read them

Genre: Mostly literary but anything goes


Blog/Review name: Bookdiscovery


Twitter: @jaduperreault

Bio: A personal book blog where I try to review most books that I read that I love or hate or affect me in some way

Genre: I read widely, so there is a mixture of fiction, young adult, mysteries, and occasionally lists or an essay on several books or a genre

Contact: Jeanne Duperreault | | Canada

Blog/Review name: Booktaste


Bio: Booktaste comments on the book trade from the viewpoint of an independent small publisher.

Genre: Mostly fiction and e-books.

Contact: Cathy Macleod | | Australia

Blog/Review name: Boston Book Bums


Twitter: @bostonbookbums

Bio: An unbiased and eclectic book review blog that covers every genre, as well as feature stories and odd industry news from around the world. We believe that to love books is to love them all, from Young Adult to self-published and scholarly non-fiction.

The broader the field read the greater appreciation for great writing.

Genre: Everything

Contact: | USA

Blog/Review name: Bubble Gum Book Reviews


Twitter: @bgbookreviews

Bio: A YA book review blog that reviews everything from paranormal to dystopian!

Genre: I only review young adult books with a little children's thrown in.

Contact: Keturah Ollie-Hayes | | | USA

Blog/Review name: By the Book Reviews


Twitter: @hubertohearn

Bio: Reviews of the latest releases, both fiction and non-fiction. Wherever possible an author interview accompanies the review. Updated twice weekly.

Email: | Canada

Blog/Review name: Catherine, Caffeinated


Twitter: @cathryanhoward

Bio: Personal blog about mainly covers reports on my own pursuit of a book deal, but also includes book reviews and coffee-related posts. (The blog is called Catherine, Caffeinated.)

Genre: Generally review popular fiction, interesting non-fiction (especially space/NASA-related and travel) and "How To Write Books" books.

Contact: Catherine Ryan Howard | | Ireland

Blog/Review name: Cheeky Books


Twitter: @CheekyReads

Bio: Cheeky Reads is a book review and discussion site that covers all sub-genres of romance including historical, contemp., paranormal, UF and mystery. We also LOVE reviewing and talking Audio and Ebooks.

Genre: All Romance genres and Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Mystery, etc. I DO NOT cover YA. I'm looking for books with a HEA or a Happy For Now ending and that are targeted to women.

Contact: Sabrina Heise | | 803 White Birch Ct. Orange City, FL 32763


Blog/Review Name: Chick Lit = The New Black


Twitter: @AmandasChickLit

Bio: You'll find a little more than book reviews over at Chick Lit = The New Black. Author interviews, guest posts and giveaway are a couple of the other features and on Monday's we have Monday Night Dinner & A Movie (quick review of a movie and a simple recipe). Every now and then we Spotlight debut novels & authors with an article or have guest writers talk about their favorite books turned movies.

Genre: Romance and pretty much all it's sub genres... especially chick lit.

Contact: Amanda L | | USA

Blog/Review name: Clover Hill Book Reviews


Twitter: @cloverhillrevie

Bio: Avid bookworm sharing reviews of all books read, author interviews, ARCs, giveaways also welcome.

Genre: Young Adult, Mystery, Thriller, Paranormal, Coming of Age, Non Fiction, Sci0Fi, Children's. If a book looks interesting to me, I'll read it, regardless of cover or genre. I review from ARCs, galleys and ebooks.

Contact: Michelle | | UK


Blog/Review name: Cocktails at Naptime


Twitter: @naptimecocktail

Bio: The blog that piques your interest about our hilarious book Cocktails at Naptime - A Woefully Inadequate Guide to Early Motherhood by Emma Kaufmann and Gillian Martin. The blog also contains hilarious parenting articles, critiques of books about mommy bloggers and by mommy bloggers.

Genre: Motherhood, parenting

Contact: Emma Kaufmann | USA


Blog/Review name: Confessions of a Book Lover


Twitter: @latoyaalloway

Bio: I established my blog at the beginning of this year. I discuss books I've read as well as subjects of interest to beginning writers.

Genre: I review books from any genre. Thus far, I have reviewed crime fiction (Stieg Larsson, Cristyn West, Bob Moats), young adult (Kody Keplinger, Lisa Desrochers) and one choreopoem (Ntozake Shange).

Contact: Latoya Alloway | latoyalewis01@yahoo | 7460 Harvest Village Ct Navarre, FL 32566


Blog/Review name: Cool Science Books


Twitter: @_The_Geoff_

Bio: Reviews of my favourite science themed books - newly published "big name" popular science, high level academic titles, old classics and a smattering of science fiction.

Genre: Science and science fiction at all levels.

Contact: Geoff Robbins | | Scotland, UK

Blog/Review name: Cornflower Books


Twitter: @Cornflowerbooks

Bio: General book blog: reviews, reading habits, debate and commentary on publishing/bookselling, bookish chat, monthly online book group. (Linked to - 'domestic arts' blog - which, inter alia, features cookbooks, gardening, etc.).

Genre: Literary and popular fiction, period/historical fiction, non-fiction, occasionally crime and children's.

Contact: Karen Howlett | | UK

Blog/Review name: Culinary Carnivale


Twitter: @Dhympna

Bio: An odd hodge podge of reviews, book industry commentary, author interviews, and recipes.

Genre: We review and talk about just about anything including: sci fi, fantasy, erotica, all romance, erotic romance, horror, GLBTQ, mystery/thriller, historical fiction, historical non fiction, YA, and cookbooks.

Contact: | USA

Blog/Review name: Cultural Constellations


Twitter: @Hombre_Mediocre

Bio: I am a cultural concoction: a mix of German, Ecuadorian and Panamanian influences. I work in publishing, love books and have somehow ended up living in Bristol (via London). Cultural Constellations is a navigational tool for all things thrust in our faces on a daily basis: newspapers, radio, TV, films, music, books, exhibitions, et cetera. It is an attempt to filter the best and most interesting bits and talk about them here. More than anything, though, it’s about books, book publishing, bookshops and reading. Oh, and books. I am also interested in the potential of social networking for connecting people and consider myself an advocate for anything digital.

Genre: There is no genre I don't like but literary fiction by lesser known authors is what I really enjoy. Anything subversive, political and especially by independent publishers is right up my street. I also write a column for which is particularly well suited for any London based books.

Contact: Matthias Mueller | Please contact me via twitter @Hombre_Mediocre; email or | UK

Blog/Review name: Daisy Chain Book Reviews


Twitter: @daisychainbooks

Bio: Predominantly Young Adult book blog. Along with reviews I conduct interviews, take part in blog tours and host giveaways. Happy to help promotion in any way. Active on twitter and goodreads.

Genre: Young Adult, but also historical, chick-lit, literary fiction. Review policy/preferred genres:

Contact: Leanna O' Reilly | | Ireland

Blog/Review name: darkfantasynovelsunearthed


Twitter: @BookwormLeigh

Bio: Hello all, my blog 'darkfantasynovelsunearthed' is currently centred around my book Gothic Angel. At the moment I am blogging as my main protagonist Luke, using his journal entries as a mini prelude to the novel. There is a smidget about me and a dollop about my new ideas. Whilst Gothic Angel is my main feature at present I plan to showcase other books I am working on in future. Hope you enjoy ;o)

Genre: The genre I am most passionate about is dark fantasy so consequently my books are of that nature.

Contact: Janet Leigh | | UK


Blog/Review name: David Belbin Nottingham Novelist


Twitter: @canfan

Bio: I write about my novels, other novels and novelists, poetry and music.

Contact: David Belbin | | UK

Blog/Review name: Devourer of Books


Twitter: @devourerofbooks

Bio: I review an eclectic mix of fiction and non-fiction. In 2010 I was voted 'Best Eclectic Book Blog' during Book Blogger Appreciation Week.

Genre: For genres I do not accept, please see my review policy:

Contact: Jen | | USA

Blog/Review name: Did you ever stop to think?


Twitter: @chaletfan

Bio: Children's literature, libraries, literacy and a healthy sprinkling of graphic novels.

Genre: General children's literature with a bit of a predilection for school stories.

Contact: LH Johnson | | UK

Blog/Review name: dovegreyreader scribbles


Twitter: @dovegreyreader

Bio: Completely subjective thoughts on books I have read, enjoyed and would press on you if we met

Genre: The whole lot, if it's words between covers I'm up for the challenge.

Contact: | UK

Blog/Review name: eBook Magazine


Twitter: @ebookmagazine

Bio: News and commentary on hardware/apps retailers and ebook/digital reading titles including books, news and magazines.

Contact: Martin Hoscik | | UK

Blog/Review name: El Bibliófilo Enmascarado


Bio: Anotaciones personales sobre literatura. Reseñas literarias, novedades, entrevistas a escritores, noticias del mundo del libro...

Genre: Todo tipo de temas.

Contact: César Jodra | Spain


Blog/Review name: Empire of Books


Twitter: @empireofbooks

Bio: Hi. I (Ryan) started Empire of Books in February of this year (2010) to share my love of books and reading with people who understand that love! I accept books from publishers and authors as well as books I purchase myself. I appreciate every book I am sent and cannot believe the outstanding generosity of the publishers! An amazing industry which I love to be a part of! :D

Genre: Young Adult (11-18). Not really a big romance fan but I am pretty open minded as to what I read so long as it's YA.

Contact: Ryan | | UK


Blog/Review name: eReader Review


Twitter: @rayhendon

Bio: Reviews and publishes other reviews of electronic reading devices, tablets with eReaders imbedded, and other mobile devices that allow eReading.

Genre: Electronic editions of books, magazines and newspapers

Contact: Ray Hendon | | USA


Blog/Review name: Euro Crime | Teenage Fiction for All Ages

URL: |

Bio: Euro Crime blog is a promotional tool to the Euro Crime website ( where the reviews are hosted and covers crime fiction written by British & European writers and/or set in Britain/Europe. | My other blog is for teenage fiction from anywhere!

Genre: Crime on Euro Crime | Teenage/YA fiction on Reading Teenage Fiction

Contact: Karen Meek | (for both) | UK

Blog/Review name: Fantasy 4 Eva


Twitter: @blueicefiesta

Bio: I have been blogging for a year now, I am often opinionated but very honest, so you can be assured that when it comes to a book i will review it with utmost honesty, I like to add my opinions in a book to help my readers relate, My main focus is to review books but from time to time I review, movies, music, and much more.

Genre: YA, but I also cover, Romance, Paranormal, and thrillers

Contact: Blueicegal | | UK


Blog/Review name: Farm Lane Books


Twitter: @farmlanebooks

Bio: Book blog reviewing prize winning fiction, new releases and random recommendations.

Genre: Prize winning books or those which deserved to win, but were somehow overlooked. I try to read the entire short list for most book awards, but also enjoy reading world fiction and discovering books awards from around the globe.

Contact: Jackie Bailey | | UK

Blog/Review name: Follow the Thread


Twitter: @David_Heb

Follow the Thread is a general/literary fiction blog. The main focus at the moment is reviews, with some opinion pieces mixed in. I am looking at expanding the range of content where I can.

Genre: I don't limit myself to a particular genre, but I am particularly interested in works that don't fit neatly into generic boxes; fiction that hovers on the fringes of the speculative, or crosses over; and the work of new and/or young writers.

Contact: David Hebblethwaite | | UK

Blog/Review name: For Books’ Sake


Twitter: @forbookssake

Bio: For Book Sake is an intelligent but irreverent website featuring books by and for independent women, including news, reviews, features and interviews.

Genre: We focus predominantly on women authors (iconic and upcoming) across both fiction and non-fiction.

Contact: Jane Bradley |

Blog/Review name: Freelancedom


Twitter: @stephauteri

Bio: I write about careers, freelancing, entrepreneurship, and writing.

Genre: Career/entrepreneurship/freelancing/writing

Contact: Steph Auteri | | USA


Blog/Review name: Geraldine Evans Crime Author geraldinesblog


Twitter: @Geraldine_Evans

Bio: Blog about writing, my crime novels, guest bloggers. Advice for would-be writers.

Genre: Crime/mystery. Police procedurals.

Contact: Geraldine Evans | | | UK

Blog/Review name: Goodreads


Twitter: @MarDixon

Bio: I leave book reviews on Goodreads, The BookRabbit and LivingSocial BookShelf. I also promote my reviews on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin

Genre: I enjoy all genres, with preferences towards art/history, mystery/thriller, YA, fact.

Contact: Mar Dixon | | @MarDixon | UK


Blog/Review name: Graham Edwards Online


Twitter: @edwardswrites

Bio: Author site with extracts from my published work, regular blogging about writing, reading and work-in-progress, and the occasional book and film review.

Genre: Mostly fantasy, SF and horror.

Contact: Graham Edwards| | UK

Blog/Review Name: Head Stuck In A Book


Bio: A book blog that reviews books, features wekly book wishlists, in my mailbox and books that I'm excited about.

Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal/Romance, Historical Romance, Middle Grade, Urban Fantasy, Dystopian, Post- Apocalyptic And Steampunk.

Contact: Sarah | | Australia

Blog/Review Name: Helen Smith


Twitter: @emperorsclothes

Bio: A blog by English novelist and playwright Helen Smith.

Genre: I sometimes recommend books I have read. Otherwise I talk about theatre shows I have seen, as well as my life as a writer in London.

Contact: Helen Smith | | UK


Blog/Review name: I Will Read Books


Twitter: @erik_lundqvist

Bio: I try to review every book that I read which is roughly two a week. The genres I cover will be SF, fantasy and crime. I try and answer the following question in my reviews: Why did I choose this book?, who are the characters?, what's the story? and what did I think about the book

Genre: SF, Fantasy, Crime

Contact: Erik Lundqvist | | UK


Blog/Review name: I Wish I Was A Book


Twitter: @IwishIwasabook

Bio: A book review website which also has latest book news, previews and opinions. I'm a twenty-something publishing professional, currently working for a small independent, but I never let that effect my reviews! Also features guest reviews and features.

Genre: Fiction, fantasy, urban fantasy, sci-fi, literary fiction, audio books and plays

Contact: Josh Alliston | | UK

Blog/Review name: Iris on Books


Twitter: @irisonbooks

Genre: At Iris on Books I share my thoughts on any books I read and try to share discussion posts on book-related topics. I write about a variety of books, mostly classics, contemporary literary fiction, books written by women and YA. My focus is mainly European fiction, but I am trying to broaden my tastes with more world literature. I also occasionally read non-fiction, but as I am a student and have to read a lot of non-fiction as course literature, I prefer reading fiction for pleasure.

Genre: I like to think that I am a fairly eclectic blogger, although I do have periods in which I read specific genres. This autumn (2010) I focus mainly on classics for example. In general I enjoy classics, literary fiction, books by women and YA. I often read European fiction (including the UK), but I am trying to read more world literature as well.

Contact: | The Netherlands


Blog/Review name: It's a Book Thing


Twitter: @QueenKelso and @TarrynBee

Bio: A haven where- every nook and cranny of a page, of a discussion, of a tear and of a laugh- has a story to tell, a glass of wine to be relished, and a cushion to be dimpled.

Genre: We review anything and everything we can get our hands on. We post articles on publishing trends, book launches, book sales and author interviews.

Contact: Kelly Ansara & Tarryn Talbot | | | South Africa


Blog/Review name: Johnny Oops


Bio: Promo blog for my novel, Johnny Oops

Genre: Fantasy/Speculative fiction

Contact: Arthur Levine | | USA

Blog/Review name: Journey of a Bookseller


Twitter: @bkfaerie

Bio: My reviews are to encourage people to read and entice them with the magic of books.

Genre: Children’s and young adult books. Adult mysteries and fantasy, books about animals, interesting biographies.

Contact: Jo Ann Hakola | | USA


Blog/Review name: Judging Covers


Twitter: @judging_covers

Bio: Judging Covers is a collaborative book review blog, written by a group of book-obsessed women in the UK.

Genre: We currently have a team of 15 reviewers, each with different tastes - which means we're able to review lots of different genres. We'll read anything and everything!

Contact: Nikki M | | UK


Blog/Review name: Jungla


Twitter: @jngla

Bio: Jungla is a collection of short, impartial book reviews for all genres of fiction, literature and many non-fiction books too. All reviews are user-submitted, and less than 300 characters (or 60-70 words). We keep our book reviews short and sweet so that a reader can make a quick decision about whether to read the book. We keep information about plot to a minimum, so as not to spoil the surprise for the reader. Instead we focus on genre, setting and style. We don't link to any affiliate sites, so there's no risk of a duff or biased review.

Genre: No specific genre - we've recently written book reviews for Shelley's Frankenstein, Irvine Welsh's Porno, Thompson's Merchants of Culture, Zafon's The Shadow of the Wind and Bertrand Russell's Power. It's an eclectic mix.

Contact: Patrick | Readers can submit their own reviews and contact Jungla directly through the site | Moon

Blog/Review name: Juniper’s Jungle


Twitter: @JuniperJungle

Bio: My blog is a general blog with an increasingly heavy emphasis on books, both news and reviews. I am currently working on developing this side of my blog and featuring more and more reviews as I am able to.

Genre: I am a keen reader of chick lit, YA, crime, sci fi and fantasy books and happily cover all of these.

Contact: Jenni Nock | | UK



Blog/Review name: Just William’s Luck


Twitter: @iwilltweet

Bio: Reviews of literary fiction and the occasional graphic or non-fiction title.

Genre: Literary fiction, fiction in translation, graphic novels and non-fiction.

Contact: William Rycroft | | UK

Blog/Review name: Kamvision


Twitter: @JasonBaki

Bio: A personal blog with reviews and previews of books, games, films, and comics. Also Interviews, feature pieces, competitions and opinion.

Genre: The focus of the blog is horror, science fiction, and fantasy. With some crime, historical and some literary fiction. Also non-fiction of the esoteric, spiritual or philosophical kind, and some history especially ancient history, classics and folklore. No romance or chic-lit.

Contact: Jason Baki | | UK

Blog/Review name: Keep Your Bridges Burning


Twitter: @iphisol

Bio: I'm a thirty(ish) year old queer person who's been a used book buyer New York City, Berkeley and Oakland, California, and Portland, Maine, and I have a lot of opinions about books. This blog is where I write about them.

Genre: I mostly read fiction, although not always. Lately I've been reading science fiction and fantasy stuff, as well as witchy and occult nonfiction stuff, but really it's all over the place. Whatever catches my eye.

Contact: Imogen| | USA

Blog/Review name: Known Unknowns


Twitter: @knownunknowns1

Bio: Weekly book reviews based on my radio reviews for Triple R in Melbourne, a community station with over 300,000 weekly listeners.

Genre: My preferences are for world literature, experimental fiction, and books published by small and independent presses.

Contact: Emmett Stinson | | Australia

Blog/Review name: Kristal Lee Romances


Twitter: @KristalLee_

Bio: Musings on a writer's life, the journey to publication, writing book recommendations, book reviews, and writer's tools.

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Erotica, Contemporary Romance, Historical Romance, Sci-Fi/Fantasy Romance, Christian Romance

Contact: | USA


Blog/Review name: Laine's Fiction Book's Corner


Twitter: @laineficbookrev

Bio: It's about Young Adult Fiction books I have read and make a reviews about it. Mostly paranormals romance fantasy and some historical etc.

Genre: Teens & YA Fiction

Contact: Lalaine| | Australia

Blog/Review name: Largehearted Boy


Twitter: @largeheartedboy

Bio: Largehearted Boy is a music and literature blog that offers weekly book reviews and features that explore where music and literature meet. Authors create music playlists for their books, musicians discuss their favorite books, and musicians interview authors (and vice versa).

Genre: Most of the books covered are literary fiction and non-fiction, but well-written books of all genres are considered. Graphic novels, cookbooks, and even celebrity memoirs have been featured.

Contact: David Gutowski | | USA

Blog/Review name: Laydilejur


Twitter: @Laydilejur

Bio: General blog for writing, reading including personal book reviews, travel & Photography

Genre: Crime fiction

Contact: Jan |


Blog/Review name: Le Parole Necessarie


Twitter: @davidemusso

Bio: It's a literary webzine with book reviews, interviews to writers ans publishing professionals as well as writing rules.

Genre: Mostly fiction

Contact: Davide Musso | You may find them on the blog | Italy


Blog/Review name: Leggo ergo sum


Twitter: @mediadigger

Bio: It's a blog (in Italian) about the digital publishing, a space where I talk about e-books and digital books perspectives, along with other publishers and experts.

Genre: e-books, e-publishing

Contact: Marco | | Greece


Blog/Review name: Library Ad Infinitum


Twitter: @MatthewBattles

Bio: Library ad Infinitum covers the cognitive and cultural effects of changing technologies on reading, writing, and publishing.

Contact: Matthew Battles | | USA

Blog/Review name: Little Interpretations


Twitter: @LittleInterpret

Bio: My own interpretation of books past and present! Including analysis, reviews and debates.

Genre: All genres

Contact: Marie McKelvie | | UK


Blog/Review name: Lost in Novels


Bio: I am busy going through my home library of books adding a review of them to my blog. I am a full time student as well as being a mother to an 11 year old and reading is the only hobby I have time for now!

Genre: I will give anything a go but I really can't get into Graphic Novels, Comics or Foreign Language books. I'm happy to review self-published or unfinished work.

Contact: Daniella Abraham |

| UK


Blog/Review name: Lovely Treez Reads


Twitter: @lovelytreez

Bio: I'm a 40 something... SAHM and I review all the books I read and often include those read by my two children aged 7 and 10. I don't think I'll ever conquer my Everest like TBR pile but I'm enjoying the challenge!

Genre: My reading tastes are rather eclectic - literary fiction, YA fiction, historical fiction. I love "quirky" reads and any fiction involving food, art, France, Italy, rural America. My pet peeve is chick lit, hen lit.

Contact: Teresa Majury | | UK


Blog/Review name: Lynee’s Book Notes


Twitter: @Perednia

Bio: Full-length and in progress reviews; full reviews also posted at CompuServe's Books & Writers Community.

Genre: Crime fiction, literary fiction, fantasy/speculative, YA and some romance covered.

Contact: Lynee Perednia | | P.O. Box 595 Sunnyside, WA 98944

Blog/Review name: Madhouse Family Reviews


Twitter: @cherylp59

Bio: A general reviews site with a huge section on books

Genre: My favourite genres are crime fiction and chick lit but I'll read anything ! I also review children's books (I have three kids aged 2, 6 and 10)

Contact: Cheryl Pasquier | | France and UK

Blog/Review name: Manga Maniac Café


Twitter: @MangaManiac

Bio: Review site covering all genres of books and graphic novels.

Genre: We focus mainly on YA, fantasy, sci-fi, and graphic novels, but will review anything that catches our fancy.

Contact: Julie | Please contact me via Twitter or by visiting my blog.

Blog/Review name: May Contain Nuts


Bio: A blog about books and life

Genre: Mainly crime with an overspill of fantasy and pretty much any other book I enjoy.

Contact: Michael Malone |

Blog/Review name: Milo’s Rambles


Twitter: @milo334

Bio: An eclectic mix of book review genres ranging from crime fiction, action, biographies, historical fiction, sport, history and fiction.

Genre: Review all genres

Contact: Miles Orchard | | UK

Blog/Review name: Mis Lecturas


Twitter: @MisLecturas

Bio: Books discussed, several topics about literature and books, and literary events

Genre: All novel and drama

Contact: Mariuca Bolannos Alves | | Spain

Blog/Review name: Mr Ripleys Enchanted Books


Twitter: @Enchantedbooks

Bio: Children's and Young adult book Reviews, Interviews, Giveaways, all things books!

Genre: Fantasy, Horror, Action, U.S and U.K

Contact: Vincent Ripley | | UK


Blog/Review Name: My Favourite Books


Twitter: @LizUK @Gergaroth @esssjay @gavreads

Bio: We review a wide range of books, across most fiction genres and for all age groups, with a soft spot for books for younger readers and YA fiction.

Genre: We love fantasy, science fiction, military science fiction and will occasionally stray to romance and we wholly embrace crime, thrillers and literary fiction.

Contact: Liz and Mark | | UK


Blog/Review name: My Friend Amy


Twitter: @myfriendamy

Bio: My blog is primarily about books but also the other pop culture arts and the impact story and reading has on our lives, including book discussions, reviews, and essays.

Genre: I cover books that grapple with faith, YA, and literary fiction.

Contact: Amy | | USA


Blog/Review Name: My Girl Friday


Twitter: @my_girlfriday

Bio: Reviews, pretty pictures, fiction-to-film discussion and John Green fan-girling.

Genre: Whilst I predominantly read young adult fiction, I do occasionally cover other genres - adult fiction, biographies, crime.

Contact: Miss Friday | <!--[endif]--> | Australia

Blog/Review name: My Love Affair with Books


Twitter: @Misha_1989

Bio: Book reviews, Author Interviews and Guestposts, Book News , Contests Blog Stats (as of Oct 30th 2010) Followers - 409 Twitter Followers - 364 Facebook Friends - 384 Page Views- 27,604 Visitors from 72 countries with the highest visits from the US and UK.

Genre: Eclectic - Literary Fiction, Contemporary Fiction, Young Adult, Historical Fiction

Contact: Misha |

Blog/Review name: Notes from the North


Twitter: @Zommie

Bio: I review and eclectic mix of books from non-fiction to mystery to classics to childrens. I also try to feature Swedish books that I love that might not have been translated to English but that I wish had.

Genre: I don't have a specific genre that I cover but I have reviewed a lot of mystery books in the last year.

Contact: Zee | | Sweden


Blog/Review Name: Notes of Life


Twitter: @nikkiann

Bio: Mainly book reviews and topics with a hint of photography, real life and family history.

Genre: I like to read all kinds of books, but especially crime/mystery/thrillers, urban fantasy and young adult.

Contact: Nikki-Ann | | UK

Blog/Review name: Novel Suggestions


Twitter: @desmondgreene

Bio: Provides reviews and reading suggestions for a wide range of mainly adult fiction.

Contact: Des Greene | | UK


Blog/Review name: Novel Heights


Twitter: @suzi187

Bio: Personal book review blog all about the books I've read.

Genre: Mostly crime fiction, thriller, mystery, but can include horror, sci-fi and anything else I happen to pick up & read.

Contact: Sue Gunnee | | UK


Blog/Review name: Novelicious


Twitter: @novelicious

Bio: A blog covering chick lit and romantic comedy novels. We post reviews, interviews, book news, author writing tips and interesting features for chick lit lovers.

Genre: Chick Lit and Romantic Comedy. At the moment we do not cover e-books, self published and non-fiction books.

Contact: Kirsty Greenwood | | UK


Blog/Review Name: Paige Loves Books


Twitter: @paigelovesbooks

Bio: This blog offers podcasted interviews with authors and book industry crew, reviews, commentary and articles about books, authors and the book industry.

Genre: Fiction, both literary and popular and contemporary non fiction for reviews and interview.

Contact: Rachel Edwards, producer and personal assistant for Paige | | Australia


Blog/Review name: Pavarti's Beautful Books


Twitter: @PavartiDevi

Bio: The personal blog of Pavarti Devi is dedicated to the things that strike my fancy. You will find book reviews, notes to writers, unfocused musings and a personal look at life with a child on the Autism Spectrum. I am a lover of books and literature as well as a demanding critique. I am always looking for new and interesting stories that offer something unexpected. All genres are welcome and I look solely for a well crafted, expertly executed yarn that I can become entangled in. Throughout history literature and the art of story-telling has influenced politics, religion and culture. The power of the epic tale is universal. Why is it that those who never read The Iliad know Helen of Troy? Her story, Homer’s story, transcends the written word and has become a part of our human lexicon. I am interested in that process and what it tells us about human emotion and cultural evolution. The power of the written word is undeniable and I am honored to be part of the next wave of literary revolution. I review what interests me, not what may be considered cannon and regardless of how the work was published.

Genre: I prefer novels/shorts focused toward an adult readership. By this I don't necessarily mean erotica/horror, although those genres are fine, but want stories that are complete without holding back to meet standards considered acceptable for YA readers.

Contact: Pavarti Devi | | USA


Blog/Review name: Playing by the book


Twitter: @playbythebook

Bio: Reviews of kids' books and the crazy, fun stuff they inspire us to do.

Genre: Children's books, especially but not only picture books.

Contact: Zoe Toft | | UK


Blog/Review name: Popular Science


Twitter: @brianclegg

Bio: Reviews of popular science books for adults and children, plus events featuring popular science authors.

Genre: Popular science

Contact: Brian Clegg | | UK


Blog/Review name: Pornokitsch


Twitter: @pornokitsch

Bio: Doing our best to critically and reasonably address geek culture.

Genre: Primarily genre fiction: fantasy, science fiction, mystery, romance and horror. We divide our attention between new releases and out-of-print books.

Contact: Jared Shurin | UK


Blog/Review name: Publishing Perspectives


Twitter: @pubperspectives

Bio: We're an online publishing and book trade journal for the international book business.

Genre: We're catholic in our tastes, but tend to focus reviews on international/translated fiction and enchanced e-books.

Contact: Edward Nawotka | | USA


Blog/Review name: Quality Time Weekly


Twitter: @georgianalee

Bio: Mission statement - To act as a tour guide to the enormous shifting worlds of literature, film, video games, comics, and other activities; pointing out and discussing events and dealiebobs worthy of your valuable leisure time.

Genre: Tend to mostly talk about fantasy and sci fi but cover all genres.

Contact: Georgiana Lee | | USA

Blog/Review name: Random Jottings of a Book and Opera Lover


Twitter: @Brooksideelaine

Bio: Mainly reviewing books but also have another site Random Music where I write occasionally about opera, concerts etc.

Genre: This year I seem to have been reading a lot of crime fiction though that is just the way it has fallen. I usually read and review most things, but admit to loving Victorian fiction, biography and history.

Contact: Elaine Simpson-Long | | UK


Blog/Review Name: Random Things Through My Letterbox


Twitter: @annecater

Bio: Musing about the random things that come through my letterbox - mainly books

Genre: No specific genre, but don't read sci fi or fantasy

Contact: Anne Cater | | UK


Blog/Review Name: Read Aloud Dad


Twitter: @ReadAloudDad

Bio: Simply reading the best children's books to my twins.

Genre: All books that are great read alouds.

Contact: | USA



Blog/Review Name: readerjanedavis


Twitter: @readerjanedavis

Bio: Personal reading and thoughts about books from the Director of The Reader Organisation

Genre:Literary fiction, classics, poetry, children's books and humanly interesting non-fiction

Contact: Jane Davis | | UK


Blog/Review name: Reading Journal


Bio: In my blog I write down my thoughts about every book I read. The usual set up consists of a short description of the story as well as my feelings about the story and the way it was written.

Genre: I don't cover any one specific genre, although my blog tends to cover more mysteries/thrillers than any other genre.

Contact: Marleen Kennedy | | Ireland


Blog/Review name: ReadySteadyCook


Twitter: @readysteadybook

Bio: Reviews the very best books, mostly literature. The Times: "One of the best places on the web for clever, wise, sparky book-related discussions and reviews." One of the Guardian Unlimited Books' top 10 literary blogs: "A home-grown treasure ... smart, serious analysis"

Genre: Literature, literary fiction, literary criticism, philosophy, history, poetry, art, art history.

Contact: Mark thwaite | | UK


Blog/Review name: Rhiana Reads...


Twitter: @rhiana_reads

Bio: Book addict's getaway..with reviews, news and interviews. A main focus on Young Adult novels, with some Chick Lit and Children's books occasionally covered.

Genre: Young Adult and Children's books.

Contact: | UK


Blog/Review name: Richard W. Strachan’s Blog


Twitter: @richstrach

Bio: Thoughts and commentary about writing, literature, bookselling, and the publishing industry.

Genre: Literary fiction.

Contact: Richard W. Strachan |

Blog/Review name: RobAroundBooks


Twitter: @RobAroundBooks

Bio: The purpose of RobAroundBooks is simple - to utilise my own insatiable passion for books and reading to promote (hopefully) a love for books and reading in others. Upbeat and positive and completely ad and affiliate-link free, RobAroundBooks is a place that pretty much oozes bookish enthusiasm and passion.

Genre: Although I consider all works of general literary fiction, I tend to focus more on works-in-translation, short stories, literary non fiction and essays; four 'genres' which I feel are severely underrepresented by the mainstream media and by bloggers in general.

Contact: Robert J Burdock BSc. MA. | 38 Beveridge Street Dunfermline FIFE KY11 4PY

Blog/Review name: Romance Books


Twitter: @alixntaylor

Bio: Review romance, fantasy, ya

Contact: Alix | | USA


Blog/Review Name: Safari Poet


Twitter: @safaripoet

Bio: I recently started my blog. I give my honest opinion on books I have read. And pine over books I want to read.

Genre: I review fiction which includes but is not limited to: young adult, mystery/thriller/suspense, contemporary, romance, fantasy, paranormal and chick lit.

Contact: Petra | | Germany

Blog/Review name: Sarah’s Book Reviews


Twitter: @sbroadhurst

Bio: A mixture of genres - children's, chick lit, crime, childrens, chick lit and crime but willing to give anything a go.

Contact: Sarah Broadhurst | | UK

Blog/Review name: Solar Bridge


Twitter: @redrichie

Bio: Mostly (at the moment) reviews of some of the things I've been reading. A mixture of newly published material and backlist titles.

Genre: Mostly SF. However, I will also cover a the odd work in translation and some more classic works. (My tastes are much wider that SF/F, it's just that's what I love - and will sometimes be more forgiving of :))

Contact: Richard Palmer | | UK

Blog/Review name: Some Like it Hot


Twitter: @SomeLIHBooks

Bio: Want to know just how steamy the new book by your favorite erotica author is, drop by and I'll give you the heat.

Genre: Erotica and erotic romance.

Contact: Black Velvet |

Blog/Review name: Soteria


Twitter: @soteriamag

Bio: A Christian reviews and lifestyle website.

Contact: Robert Allwright | | UK

Blog/Review name: Spinetangler Magazine


Twitter: @brianlindenmuth | @spinetinglermag

Bio: Spinetingler Magazine covers the mystery and crime fiction genre and community. We hold broad and inclusive definitions of what mystery and crime fiction is and can be and try to offer as wide a variety of coverage as possible from reviews of traditional mysteries to darker crime fictions; from novels to short stories; from movies to comics. We also post articles, conduct interviews and publish our own short fiction. Spinetingler Magazine hosts a popular annual award with the final vote open to the public.

Genre: Mostly mystery, crime fiction, thriller and anything that can be labeled as such with occasional forays into other types of fiction.

Email: Brian Linenmuth | | | USA

Blog/Review name: Squeaky Books


Twitter: @Enna_Isilee

Bio: I have been reviewing for over three years and love it! I'm a college student who uses reading as a way to escape my rather mundane life. Reading has always, and will always be my number one passion. Please visit me at Squeaky Books!

Genre: Young Adult, namely paranormal, fantasy, sci-fi, dystopian. Basically everything but contemporary fiction.

Contact: Enna Isilee |


Blog/Review name: Stargazerpuj's Book Blog


Twitter: @PujKrishnan

Bio: I review books that I've purchased as well as a large number of books sent to me by publishers.

Genre: I read and review the following genres: General fiction Literary fiction South Asian fiction Contemporary fiction Crime thrillers, murder mysteries, forensic thrillers, psychological thrillers, suspense fiction Historical fiction Young adult

Contact: Pujitha Krishnan | | UK


Blog/Review name: Stressed Rach


Twitter: @StressedRach

Bio: Mummy Blog with product reviews and competitions

Genre: Paranormal Fiction, Urban Fantasy.

Contact: Rachel| | UK


Blog/Review name: Stargazerpuj's Book Blog


Twitter: @PujKrishnan

Bio: I review books that I've purchased as well as a large number of books sent to me by publishers.

Genre: I read and review the following genres: General fiction Literary fiction South Asian fiction Contemporary fiction Crime thrillers, murder mysteries, forensic thrillers, psychological thrillers, suspense fiction Historical fiction Young adult

Contact: Pujitha Krishnan | | UK


Blog/Review name: Sword & Moon


Twitter: @swordmoon

Bio: Science Fiction & Fantasy blog and book review site.

Genre: Science Fiction and Fantasy. Also sometimes books on writing.

Contact: Vesa Savolainen | | Finland


Blog/Review name: Teleread


Twitter: @paulkbiba

Bio: The net's oldest blog covering ebooks, epublishing, digital archives, elibraries and more. News and opinion updated many times a day.

Contact: Paul Biba | | USA


Blog/Review name: Teresa's Reading Corner


Twitter: @teresasreading

Bio: Teresa's Reading Corner is a book review site.

Genre: Fiction (classics, historical, womens, chick lit), Children's and occasionally non fiction

Contact: Teresa | | USA

Blog/Review name: The Book Tuner


Twitter: @booktuner

Bio: I match books to tunes to create the perfect literary ambience.

Genre: Predominantly literary fiction and narrative non-fiction, but I'm happy to consider other genres.

Contact: Nikki Lusk |


Blog/Review name: The Children's War


Twitter: @thechildrenswar

Bio: This is my personal blog and I read every book I write about. My blog is really an online journal about books for kids and teens set in World War II, I also include additional resources for the reader, if possible.

Genre: I read and write about all genres whether fiction or non-fiction. Sometimes I look at books written for kids during the war.

Contact: Alex Baugh | | USA

Blog/Review name: The Crew


Twitter: @smblooding

Bio: The Crew gets together and talks about writing, reading and books in general.

Genre: We cover mostly YA and adult paranormal, though we read just about anything.

Contact: Frankie Blooding | | USA

Blog/Review name: The Eloquent Page


Twitter: @pablocheesecake | @theeloquentpage

Bio: Book reviews of genre fiction.

Genre: Primarily Horror, Sci-Fi and Fantasy with the occasional thriller thrown in for good measure.

Contact: Paul Holmes | | UK

Blogger/Reviewer name: The Future Fire Reviews


Twitter: @thefuturefire

Bio: The Future Fire features reviews of books, films, and other weird and speculative publications or performances, with a focus on the independent and small press.

Genre: Most genres, but with a focus on speculative fiction and other "weird" sub-genres (scifi, fantasy, horror, surreal, etc.).

Contact: Djibril al-Ayad | | UK, Eire, USA (and reviewers worldwide)


Blog/Review name: The Galaxy Express


Twitter: @thgalaxyexpress

Bio: The Galaxy Express covers science fiction romance in all of its forms: Books, films, television, graphic novels, and videogames. It updates 3-4 times a week, covering the latest news (e.g., in steampunk romance) and exclusive interviews with authors and those in the publishing industry connected to this burgeoning genre.

Genre: Science fiction romance and all of its sub-subgenres, including space opera, military SF, steampunk, near-future, cyberpunk, superhuman, etc. Basically, I cover anything from romantic SF to erotic sci-fi romance. I prefer to blog about science fiction romances wherein the romance has a Happily Ever After, or a Happily For Now ending.

Contact: Heather Massey |


Blog/Review name: The Happy Viewer


Twitter: @Donna224

Bio: The Happy Booker is a fantasy based book review blog. Mainly focusing on epic, urban, and dark fantasy but I also enjoy dystopian, southern gothic, horror-fantasy, Fairytale fantasy, Historical fantasy. I also enjoy some element of romance with my fantasy but have found that most "paranormal romance" novels are not much to my taste. I love to escape to a completely different world in the books that I read, becoming so invested in the story that I laugh and cry along with the characters. I don't require a HEA, sometimes a book makes more sense without one. And I do tend to like my fantasy on the dark side which doesn't always lead to a HEA.

Genre: Fantasy: Epic, sword & sorcery, steampunk, dystopian, urban, dark, horror/fantasy, romantic fantasy, southern gothic, fairytale-retelling. My favorite authors include: JK Rowling Stacia Kane Marion Zimmer Bradley Neil Gaiman Clive Barker Dean Koontz Maria V. Snyder Anne Bishop George RR Martin Robin Hobb Brandon Sanderson Tad Williams RA Salvatore Mercedes Lackey CL Wilson Elizabeth Haydon Piers Anthony

Contact: Donna | | USA

Blog/Review name: The Hope Chest Reviews


Bio: The Hope Chest Reviews offers reviews on a variety of books both older and more recently published with new reviews added weekly. Our searchable database-driven website gives readers the ability so browse our listings in a number of different ways. We also conduct author interviews, host giveaways, create special book listings and much more.

Genre: Romance is our specialty comprising approx. 85-90% of the books we review. The remaining books are an eclectic mix of both fiction and non-fiction which includes but is not limited to: young adult, children's, mystery/suspense, historical fiction, biography, history, and science/nature.


Blog/Review name: The Indextrious Reader


Twitter: @Melwyk

Bio: My tagline is: Notes & Quotes from a Literary Librarian. I talk almost exclusively about books & bookish subjects with a random lifestyle post thrown in now and again. I am Canadian and review a large number of Canadian and UK books, along with some US - I don't follow the best sellers at all.

Genre: I focus on literary fiction, some older classics as well as new releases. I do talk about some genre, children's books and nonfiction from time to time, but my primary interest is literary and midrange fiction.

Contact: Melanie | | Canada

Blog/Review name: The Parrish Lantern


Twitter: @parrishlantern @pomesallsizes

Bio: The Ideal Library Symbolizes Everything a Society stands for. A Society Depends On Its Libraries To Know Who it Is, Because Libraries Are Societies Memory(A.Manguel). This Is My Attempt To Construct My Ideal library and I want this to be a place that when you join, you can express your own likes. This is where we can exchange ideas on Authors, Artists & Whisky. So please feel free to join & add your own ideas. As a polite introduction to a new idea, whether it's a book, some music or malt whisky is always welcome.

Genre: World literature, Contemporary European,(Fiction,Nonfiction),Poetry, Pretty much anything that takes my fancy

Contact: Parrish


Blog/Review name: The Word Hoarder


Twitter: @RichRennicks

Bio: I usually write about the book industry or write more-comprehensive posts about authors or trends, rather than individual book reviews. My audience is usually pretty industry heavy, as I've very active on Twitter. I am a huge fan of British & Irish fiction and history, so I tend to write more about that than US authors. I feel I'm writing for a mainly-US audience. The main search terms that bring visitors to my site tend to be industry specific (ebooks, social media, bookstore, etc.) but almost every day someone finds the site by searching for Lawrence or Gerald Durrell, both of whom I adore and have written about more than once.

Genre: I read and write about middle grade and YA fiction (I am also an author), as well as British and Irish literature and history. If I had my druthers, I'd spend my time reading and writing about Virginia Woolf, the Durrell Brothers and Salman Rushdie.

Contact: Rich Rennicks | | 221 Aurora Dr. Asheville, NC 28805, USA


Blog/Review name: The Writing World of author Cliff Ball


Twitter: @cliff_ball

Bio: My blog promotes my novels

Genre: Speculative fiction. thriller, science ficiton

Contact: Cliff Ball | USA


Blog/Review name: Theaker's Quarterly & Paperbacks


Twitter: @Rolnikov

Bio: We've been reviewing books for a few years for our magazine, but now post them first to our blog.

Genre: Science fiction, horror and related genres. We're happy to review from ebook and pdf files.

Contact: Stephen Theaker | | UK


Blog/Review name: There's A Book


Twitter: @the1stdaughter

Bio: There’s A Book is a site created for the purpose of sharing a child’s love of books as they grow.

Genre: Children's books: From Picture books to Middle Grade to Young Adult.

Contact: Danielle Smith | | USA



Blog/Review name: Those who will not be drowned


Twitter: @bibliopolis

Bio: Bibliopolis ebooks is a producer of ebooks on CD-ROM and as downloads. The blog reviews its own & other books. Main area of interest is history, particularly the history of the so-called "ordinary" people of Britain and Ireland. Perspective is from the left.

Genre: History, including local history & genealogy

Contact: Susan Gardiner | | UK


Blog/Review name: Three Guys One Book


Twitter: @ThreeGuys1Book | @jasonchamb

Bio: Three Guys One Book review books, interview authors, and discuss publishing, marketing, and creative writing.

Genre: Generally, we cover literary novels and short story collections, and also the occasional mystery or thriller.

Contact: Jason Chambers | | Three Guys One Book LLC, 89 Mapleshade Ave, East Longmeadow, MA 01028

Blog/Review name: TNBBC’s The Nest Best Book Blog


Twitter: @tnbbc

Bio: It's called TNBBC's The Next Best Book Blog - it's a literary blog where I post reviews, author interviews, book giveaways, interactive author/reader readalongs, and spotlight indie authors/publishers. My main focus is on the Indies.

Genre: I read just about any genre in fiction. Limited non-fiction/memoir and little to no romance, self-help, motiviational, technical, or historical books.

Contact: Lori Hettler | | USA

Blog/Review name: Tolstoy is my Cat


Twitter: @lyndsay_wheble

Bio: My own short stories, flash fiction and random thoughts, combined with writer talk and the odd book review.

Genre: Literary fiction.

Contact: Lyndsay Wheble | | UK



Blog/Review name: Unputdownable Books


Twitter: @designmeahuman

Bio: Unputdownable Books is a book blog showcasing Reviews, Interviews, Guestposts, Book Excerpts, Book News, and Blog Tours of a variety of genres but mostly in the paranormal genre. The blog is also there to help Authors with their tours, marketing and even their design work.

Genre: Paranormal Romance, YA Romance, YA Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, YA Sci fi Paranormal, Dystopian, and select fiction.

Contact: Naj Qamber | | Bahrain


Blog/Review name: WAHM BAM!


Twitter: @TashaGoddard

Bio: WAHM BAM started life as a parenting blog (and is still such), but has recently been taking on more book blog elements. I run a sporadic (every few months) book week, with guest posts and giveaways and usually daily themes (click Book Week tag on the blog's sidebar to see examples). I've also just started a Sunday Reading feature, which will have reviews, interviews, general publishing news and various other reading-related posts (search for Sunday Reading on the blog for details).

Genre: Mostly adult fiction (crime and thrillers, chicklit and contemporary fiction predominantly) and children's fiction (primary school and pre-school for the most part), but the Book Weeks cover all kinds of genres and themes.

Contact: Tasha Goddard | | UK


Blog/Review name: Walker of Worlds


Twitter: @cbosteve | @markchitty

Bio: We predominantly review science fiction and fantasy novels and all sub-genres, as well as comic books.

Genre: Science Fiction and Fantasy

Contact: Mark and Steve | | UK


Blog/Review name: Walls and Bridges


Twitter: @joelmeadows1

Bio: On my blog I review films, books, graphic novels and whatever else takes my fancy.

Genre: I read crime, thriller, horror and modern fiction.

Contact: Joel Meadows | | UK

Blog/Review name: Wildmoobooks


Twitter: @ChrisWolak

Bio: I blog about books and authors I’ve enjoyed and/or have been challenged by. I no longer finish a book that doesn’t engage me in some way—if it doesn’t grab me within 50-100 pages, it goes in the give-away box, set free for someone who’ll find it and maybe love it. I prefer to call myself a book recommender rather than a reviewer because I have no standard critique structure that I follow or rating scale. Similar to a conversation with a friend, I like to write about why I chose to read a particular book, why I liked it, what I learned, and what it may lead me to next.

Genre: I'm an eclectic reader. When it comes to fiction I lean towards literary fiction, mystery/thriller/crime novels, and literature in translation. I'd like to be exposed to more German, Canadian, Australian, and UK writers. In the nonfiction category I do read history, military, and some memoir. I don't read religious or political books, and I usually shy away from books about animals and children.

Contact: Chris Wolak | | US


Blog/Review name: With Extra Pulp


Twitter: @withextrapulp

Bio: A literary/writing blog that features everything from book and theatre reviews to author interviews, and general literary musings.

Genre: Short fiction, literary journals, Australian writers (particularly new writers), and anything off the beaten path that catches the blogger's fancy.

Contact: Elena | | Australia


Blog/Review name: Word Nerds


Twitter: @StevieGodson

Bio: It's about my passion for the English language and incorporates posts on grammar as well as books. I'm a copy editor (sub-editor) on a South African daily newspaper, columnist and former books page editor. For an example of one of my book-related posts, please see "The tyranny of (book) titles"

Genre: No specific genre but I prefer "literary" fiction and biography.

Contact: Stevie Godson | | South Africa

Blog/Review name: Yatterings


Twitter: @iainemsley

Bio: A blog exploring Weird fiction, both old and new, with the occasional longer essay and author interview. It mainly covers books but the occasional comic or film creeps in.

Genre: Sf, fantasy and horror but New Weird also does into modernism and surrealism.

Contact: Iain Emsley | | UK

Blog/Review name: YA Book Shelf


Twitter: @YABookShelf

Bio: YA Book Shelf is a review site that provides thorough and honest reviews of both high profile and lesser known YA fiction. In addition to reviews, you can read in-depth interviews with authors and some bloggers, giveaways, and commentary on YA-related stories.

Genre: If it's YA fiction, I'll cover it on my site, but I'm particularly interested in contemporary, historical, paranormal, Dystopian, and Gothic fiction. I've also read some YA romance and mysteries for this site.

Contact: Melissa Montovani | Publishers and book industry people are welcome to contact me using my contact form, found here:, or through my Twitter account, @YABookShelf.

Blog/Review name: 5minutespeace’s Blog


Twitter: @5_minutespeace

Bio: I review children's books both new and backlist publications with an emphasis on enjoyment and nostalgia. I also write about current trends and developments in children's publishing. I am particularly interested in digital developments within the industry.

Genre: I review all genres of children's books from the very young right up to young adult, teen titles.

Contact: Lucy Thompson |

Blog/Review name: 21st Century Paperback Writer


Twitter: @willroney

Bio: Blog for personal writing activities, including attempts to write novel, but all repository for all book reviews written for various outlets.

Genre: No specific genre, though current tendency to provide reviews to business books.

Contact: Will Roney |


Blog/Review name:

Blog/Review name: HaplessDad


Twitter: @HaplessDad

Bio: Blog detailing the ups and downs of my life as the only male in an all-female household. Also includes musings and rants on the progress of my novel which I have to complete for a Creative Writing MA. No book reviews posted as yet, but abundant thoughts on the writing process. I’m not sure whether I should really have posted this. Apologies if it's no use.

Genre: No specific genre

Contact: Gwyn Leyshon|

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