The fight you will have to fight

As I wrote earlier, the book world is facing a series of unmatched challenges. Never before did we had to deal with so many changes in such a short time. And never before was the industry as we all knew it for so many decades, forced into a 180 degree turn in no time. Read more »

Kindle Fire is a true iPad rival, but an eReader it ain’t

A quick straw poll on the train in the morning heading into London and in a carriage packed with 60 people there are close to ¾ of them with an electronic device, 10 reading the Metro free paper and five with a book – oh and one bloke with a paper copy of The Times. Before you ebook guys get excited, a quick walk through of what content people have on their iphones/android phones and iPads I spot a dozen people playing Angry Birds, a couple have newspapers but no books. There are fortunately four people with Kindles. Read more »

The Amazon “Kindle” tablet: A first look

The first signs of what Amazon’s ‘worst kept secret’ tablet device might be like emerged last week, based on the hands-on experience of Tech Crunch’s MG Seigler. From some not too strenuous deduction work, his write up indicates that this tablet will be one where reading itself takes centre stage. Read more »

Multi-channel distribution generates revenue for eBooks and digital content

More customers equal more revenue, right? But how publishers find those customers is, of course, the challenge. Ultimately, reaching out through as many channels as possible allows publishers to access the widest variety of customers possible. Read more »

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