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Taking Bets for 2014...

Six Book and Publishing Betting odds for 2014

I would take bets, but I’m not licensed, so it is just for fun

Kindle dominance – the end of the beginning? 

10 to 1 because this requires a lot of different people working for the same thing at the same time. Read more »

If agents are selling publishers to authors, does that mean publishers should pay agents commission?

In ye olde days it was simple. Publishers were the marketplace, their only competition was themselves and agents were the conduits through which authors reached publishers.

It was the agents’ job to enrich the feed before publishers selected the final elements to refine and use. It was all reassuringly linear and straightforward. Read more »

Is self publishing immoral?

You could be forgiven for thinking that it was given some of the recent coverage it has had. Read more »

Digital goats v Paper sheep?

So there’s been another spat reminiscent of the Stephen Leather equivalent at Harrogate last year. This time involving US self-pubber Barry Eisler.

Apparently agents and publishers don’t like being told they risk being redundant. Quite a few people have commented on this—at considerable length—so I’ll keep this brief. Read more »

Don't Let's be Beastly to Publishers*

Great to see Iain Dale sticking it to the retailers. The reality is though that small publishers have been railing against WH Smith (among others) for years and years. For a small publisher a large order can represent a cash flow nightmare - a risk they have to take, but to see those books come back, months later in unopened boxes is more than dispiriting, it is a real threat to the health of their business. Read more »

Are agents and publishers at war?

The news of Conville Walsh’s effective acquisition by Curtis Brown invites a number of responses. Not least is the reflection that we live in a time of giants. Read more »

The author paradox

For the first time this year, our Digital Census survey asked specific questions of authors. Yes, authors, like they’re important. Huh? Read more »

PayPal Bans PayPorn!

Tomorrow what we can read, watch and the art we observe may not be decided by ourselves or governments and laws but by a new breed of censors. These censors may have no qualification or experience, just the ability to switch off those who they deem unfit. Read more »

Why is Faber running a self-publishing course?

In February, Faber Academy are running a new course called 'Bring Your Book To Market'. It will cover the process of preparing your manuscript and uploading it to ebook retailers, and then building yourself a digital platform from which to sell copies. Read more »

Q & A: Kerry Wilkinson

You might not have heard of Kerry Wilkinson. He sold his 100,000th copy of his ebook Locked In on Christmas Eve. Another self publishing success story. I asked him a few questions and he has been extremely open with his answers. Thanks Kerry.

Why did you go it alone as an author? Read more »

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