Brightline, Big City

News comes out of New York overnight that Brightline, yet another new publisher, has entered the e-book market. Read more »

Help, it’s la rentrée !!

It is the beginning of September and in bookshops, shelves are near collapsing under the sheer weight of future best-sellers. Of over four hundred books published, only a dozen will actually be successful. Read more »

Spime Time

Hello, lovely people!

Here's an interesting thought: Evernote and Moleskine are creating a spime. Sort of.

All right, that was a bit opaque, so let's gloss it: Read more »

Upskill, upskill and play the game

There’s been a great deal of discussion recently about how well – or otherwise – the publishing trade is adapting to its digital future, embracing change, disrupting its own business models before others come along and do it to us, and so on. It’s a fascinating debate, but it’s notable that companies and the publishing industry are generally talked about as if they’re faceless monoliths. They’re not. They are collections of people, and the skills and experience of these people don’t seem to come in for as much scrutiny as perhaps they should. Read more »

All disruptive innovation starts somewhere

As has been increasingly discussed by digital creatives in the last year or so, and was publicly articulated recently by Nick Harkaway on this site, the paucity of genuine innovation within the publishing industry suggests that really disruptive innovation in the field will come from elsewhere.

I agree. Marshall McLuhan's reference to the fate of carriage makers in the age of the automobile now risks becoming a truism.

However, I am interested in making opportunities happen. Even if we have to give them a nudge every now and again. Read more »

Just Exactly How Many Signs And Portents Do You Need?

Her name is Penelope Trunk, and she is very, very cross.

You should read her post, every painful, angry second of it, and you should commit her words to memory and have them printed on a motivational poster to go on the wall of your meeting room. Read more »

Women in digital publishing

Last Wednesday I spoke at an event called Women in Publishing, an organisation whose purpose is to ‘promote the status of women working in publishing and related trades by helping them to develop their careers’. Read more »

Leaping from my bath

About ten seconds ago, I said something so stupid and simple that it may be a bit clever.

So I leaped from my metaphorical bath - over on the right there --> - to come here and say it out loud, because what every serious business-specific community site for the discussion of serious issues needs is a dripping writer shouting about the future while his towel slips perilously and the cat runs for the safety of the sofa.

Metaphorically, I swear. Read more »

2012 publishing predictions part 2

Following on from Predictions part 1, here's what our international bloggers and commentators predict for 2012:

Julieta Lionetti, publishing consultant, Argentina Read more »

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