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The Book Dating Agency

There are many lost and lonely manuscripts looking for a friend. Like finding a partner some are fortunate to have a good active social circle to help them, but increasingly many are now turning to the internet and the dating agencies. Imagine what Jane Austen would write about today’s ‘good man’ looking for a ‘good wife’ over the internet? Read more »

Waterstones at a Watershed

In the past few weeks we have seen a number of announcements coming from James Daunt and the new management team at Waterstones and all of this has been looked at in isolaton. Looking at the bigger picture we begin to see what can be interpreted as Waterstones new strategy or part of it anyway. How much more has to be unveiled will be interesting but what is becoming clear is a distinct repositioning of the UK’s leading book chain. Read more »

What does a stack of CDs as high as the moon have to do with books?

This morning I read an interesting article on the BBC website - scientists have measured how much data the human race stores. You can check the article out here:

It seems the amount of data we store is calculated at about 295 exabytes as of 2007, the year this study uses as a basis (one exabyte is a billion gigabytes fact fans). Read more »

The Digital Crossroads

As the publishing industry immerses itself in what is fast becoming something of a digital revolution, publishers need to remain well-grounded and consider their 360° strategy whilst remaining flexible and open-minded, says Publishing Technology plc’s CEO, George Lossius. Read more »

'A Bright Future for Publishing': George Lossius speaks to The Bookseller

The Bookseller's Tom Tivnan speaks to George Lossius, CEO of Publishing Technology.

"Digital is not the demise of publishing," George Lossius says. "There is a really bright future for the publishing industry if they embrace it and have the right infrastructure in place." Read more »

A Pretty Good Hunch

I've talked about curation already, and I just wanted to share this with y'all...

Wired has a piece this month about Hunch, the online prediction service. I've just signed up to it for the first time and it's eerily good - especially when you compare its results with Amazon's more flaky "you might also enjoy". Read more »

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