Futurebook Conference (I wasn't there)

I was on a plane.

So, while you wretched lot were boozing it up at the FutureBook Conference, listening to Charlie Redmayne tell you true things about branding and all kinds of other coolness, I was doing a seven and a half hour prison sentence with a furious fifteen month old and a vast quantity of projectile humous. You lucky lucky lucky lucky lucky people. Read more »

A Bibliography of Sponges; or, can publishers mop up the backlist market?

With Google’s interest in ebooks apparently on the wane, might successful e-publishers step into the breach? Read more »

A Pretty Good Hunch

I've talked about curation already, and I just wanted to share this with y'all...

Wired has a piece this month about Hunch, the online prediction service. I've just signed up to it for the first time and it's eerily good - especially when you compare its results with Amazon's more flaky "you might also enjoy". Read more »

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