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It's crisis. Yes, still. When it will end? Nobody knows. Although, according to Bernard Wientjes of the Dutch labour union VNO-NCW, the crisis will end on 1 January 2016. Right… From previous crises, or attenuated variants thereof, the book world experienced little to no problems. Books are traditionally sold mostly to people who have a bit more to spend. You can at least clearly state that the largest group of book buyers is not on the lower end of the income level. Read more »

The fight you will have to fight

As I wrote earlier, the book world is facing a series of unmatched challenges. Never before did we had to deal with so many changes in such a short time. And never before was the industry as we all knew it for so many decades, forced into a 180 degree turn in no time. Read more »

Survival of the entrepreneur

We would all not survive the year 2012. But, since you're reading this, the opposite is true. Of course, The Mayan calendar with its predictions inflated to mythical proportions, was pure nonsense. That I use this moment however to prelude my plea, is because I did expect last year to be the beginning of the end for the book as we knew it. That was however not quite the case. It has no doubt that our industry suffered a severe blow by the bankruptcy of one of the big Dutch distributors: Libridis. One that has had (or will have) a huge impact on some of the Dutch publishers. Read more »

The digitization of the music industry vs. the book world: the ultimate overview (part IV)

The end of this four-part series is really why it all started: the differences between the digitization of the music industry and the world of books. This series is beautifully summed up in one big illustration, made by Esther Gons (@wilg). Click for big. Read more »

The digitization of the music industry vs. the book world: the ultimate overview (part I)

This series of blogposts originated on Twitter, when a few people from both the book world and the music industry came to the conclusion that there has been written a lot about the developments in both worlds, but never before in one big comparison.     Read more »

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