Digital Innovation Awards: entry now open

I am excited to announce that entry is now open for FutureBook's 'digital innovation' awards. The first of their kind to recognise how the trade is embracing the future with new products, new ways of working, and new strategies. It is a very exciting time in the industry. Read more »

Review: David Suzuki's The Legacy enhanced e-book app

Chris Book is CEO of Bardowl, a start-up Audiobook retailer in the UK ( He has reviewed David Suzuki's enhanced ebook app for FutureBook: David Suzuki is a geneticist, zoologist, broadcaster and author from Canada, where on retirement leading academics give a final lecture – their legacy – to their students and colleagues. And this book is based upon that lecture. Read more »

Review: The Devil's Dictionary by Ambrose Bierce iPhone app

Susie Dent, writer and broadcaster on language issues, and the Dictionary Corner adjudicator on C4's Countdown reviews the iPhone app for FutureBook:Those of us who deal in dictionary making are all-too-familiar with Samuel Johnson’s infamous description of a lexicographer as a ‘harmless drudge’. But there is another definition, written some 160 years later, which prompts a similar wry smile. Read more »

Review: Mark Kermode's It's Only a Movie iPhone app

Alex Wormall, a former Waterstone's bookseller and lifelong book addict reviews Mark Kermode's iPhone enhanced e-book app: I think it is only fair to begin this review with a couple of admissions. Firstly, Mark Kermode is a critic who tends to divide people. They are either hugely in favour or very much against him. I am definitely a huge fan and a regular listener to his film show with Simon Mayo. Secondly, I am a book lover, but have an almost instinctive apathy when it comes to reading books in any form other than paper. Read more »

Preview: Why the Net Matters iPad app By David Eagleman

My first thought is whether to call Canongate's app a book app as this is not a digital version of a printed book, this app was conceived with the author David Eagleman for the iPad exclusively. One of the first of a new type of collaboration between author, publisher and developer to deliver digital-only products. Read more »

Welcome to Cyber Monday - The Most Exciting eCommerce Day In Publishing History

If last week was anything to go by then during the time it takes you to read this article, UK consumers will have spent over a £1m online. It's "Cyber Monday / Mega Monday" or what the retail industry predicts is the going to be the biggest online sales day in UK history. Publishers should all be very excited by the UK consumer’s appetite for online shopping as books were one of the first to go online and they continue to feature in the top 3 most purchased products. Read more »

Announcing FutureBook Digital Innovation Awards

I'm very excited to announce the first ever awards for ‘digital innovation’ across publishing. These awards will celebrate how the trade is embracing the future. The awards will run biannually and all category winners will go through to compete for the Digital Innovation award at The Bookseller’s Industry Awards in May. Read more »

The Digital Crossroads

As the publishing industry immerses itself in what is fast becoming something of a digital revolution, publishers need to remain well-grounded and consider their 360° strategy whilst remaining flexible and open-minded, says Publishing Technology plc’s CEO, George Lossius. Read more »

Review: The Adventures of Simon Pegg and.... iPhone app

Writer and illustrator Mike Topping reviews Simon Pegg's iphone app for FutureBook: Deep in the bowels of a mock-tudor manor house somewhere in North London, a suave, buff superhero sits in his cavernous, tricked-out superhero lair. On the bank of giant screens before him: a YouTube video of a farting baby. Read more »

Futurebook 09/10 - what's another year?

On the eve of the second Futurebook conference, a comparison with its predecessor shows how rapidly the industry is developing... Read more »