FutureBook Innovation Workshop '11 - takeaways

These are the things I remember from #fiw11:

Ken Follet's book, Fall of Giants, has been given a 3D audio soundtrack. This is clever because sound is a sense input into the brain and reading is cognitive, so the brain can do both and not explode. Also, it works.

And... Read more »

How big is a thumbnail?

Briefly - 

See here? FutureBook's ebook sales chart.

Three things leap out at me: Read more »

Getting There First - a sketch of the New Publishing making money

Let's make a wave...

I have been heard to say - loudly, in public places where there are publishers - that we in the book trade have to stop waiting for Google or Amazon or Apple to come along and do clever things and then hope that they will cut us in on the deal. We have to get out in front. 

I have also been heard to say, in general, that people who make sweeping policy statements but have no concrete suggestions are very, very annoying. So, on the understanding that I am engaging in blue-sky thinking here... Read more »

Ken Auletta's "Googled"

If you work in the book trade and you have not yet read Googled, now is the time.

Auletta's book is readable and engaging, but that's not really the point. The point is that it provides an understanding of Google's ethos - both the soft, cuddly internal one with onsite massage and free food and buses, and the aggressive legal/technical drive to push boundaries and be as disruptive as possible. Read more »

A brief reaction to Victoria Barnsley's speech

Victoria Barnsley is a very wise person.

That's hardly news to me. Back in the dim and distant past of ebooks - around 2007 or so, when I was first arriving in the world of publishing with a long novel under one arm and a weird sense of homecoming - she was one of the first people whose position on ebooks seemed to chime with the reality I was seeing and my expectations from technology.

So it's not really a surprise that she's making excellent sense again. Read more »

Just Another Scary Headline (but there's more going on than that)

"Ebooks destroying traditional publishing!" Read more »

Amazon flexes its muscles

Amazon bids on frontlist titles

This caught my eye a couple of days ago and I haven't had time to explore it properly. Several things do occur to me, though, and they're worth mentioning even if I don't go into massive detail.

1. Amazon is proposing to become a publisher. That's old news, really, but they've spent a lot of time in the past denying it. Read more »

The Google Book Settlement & The Hargreaves Review - In Greater Depth

GBS is over for now; but is the Hargreaves Review the Son-of-GBS? Read more »


Ding Dong, the Witch Is Dead (but)

The Google Book Settlement (Amended Settlement Agreement) has been rejected.

Since, as you may know, the GBS ate puppies and was directly and singly responsible for Anthropogenic Global Warming, this is a good thing. The world is safe for puppies. (Like the puppy above, which comes to you from the George Eastman House collection and is understood to be free of copyright restrictions.) Read more »

Book Hackday

Book Hackday - the place you should be on May 14th.

I mentioned Book Hackday a while ago, but the date wasn't settled. Now it is (May 14th. Did I say that? That's when it is. And did I mention you should go?) and I feel I should emphasise a couple of things. Read more »

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