Five Small Ideas for Publicists Working with Bloggers

When I started blogging there wasn’t a relationship between bloggers and publishers. Blogging and blogging about books relatively was new and publishers only sent review books to known media outlets. So trying as a blogger to get review copies from publishers was interesting. That was until some smart publicists realised the potential. 

Now publishers see the benefit of having engaged readers on their side. Readers who spend hours and hours of free time every week talking about books. Read more »

App review: Discworld: The Ankh-Morpork Map

The last time I wrote something for Futurebook it was to discuss the Stephen Fry app, which wasn’t really a success for me. I did however end up greatly enjoy the audiobook read by Stephen Fry himself. The novel format (I’d include narrative non-fiction like biographies) is a format that we are used to. Even though the style changes and a few clever writers can stretch the beginning, middle and end formula, but mostly it remains unchanged.  Read more »

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