Have librarians fallen out of love with books?

Not my view obviously, but it is one conclusion you could come to had you attended the London Word Festival's debate on the future of libraries, No Furniture So Charming, held last week at Bethnal Green Library. The question arises because of the presentations given at the event, and because of some of the reactions to them from librarians. Read more »


A year is a long time in digital publishing . . .

The Bookseller’s FutureBook launched at London Book Fair on April 19th 2010. Which makes it a year (and a bit) old.

Thought I’d let you know how far this digital publishing community has come in a year.

You may not remember but we had a manifesto when we launched, our main aims being: Read more »

ebook Sales hold at 1/4 and pre-orders start

eBook sales held up at 26% in March following a similar story in January (25%) and February (24%). April is looking promising with some of the titles being released already pre-ordering which we haven't seen before.

The spread of eBook sales is very interesting as well. Of the ebook sales Kindle is the lions share at 80%, iBooks at 12% and Kobo at 8%. We now have over half of our titles in these formats with all new ones automatically in all of them. Read more »

Faber's Tucker app nominated for Bafta

Faber's Malcolm Tucker: The Missing Phone app, launched last Christmas, has been nominated for a British Academy of Film and Television Arts (Bafta) award.

The app has made the shortlist of four in the New Media category, alongside Wallace and Gromit's World of Invention, Misfits and LabUK/Brain Test Britain.

Released in December last year, the app works on the premise that Malcolm Tucker, malcontent character of BBC political comedy series "The Thick of It", has lost his iPhone. It includes voice memos, emails and answer phone messages from other characters. Read more »


Review: Bold: How to be brave in business and win iPad app

Kate Russell, tech reporter for BBC's Click has reviewed the Bold iPad app for FutureBook: research suggests that there will be 6 billion eReaders in circulation by 2014 – so love them or hate them they are here to stay. But even though I am a technology journalist & self-confessed gadget-addict, I have to say I’m a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to books. I just love the physical history of them; the smell and the feel of it when you pick one up. Read more »

What does it mean that 96% of titles in the German Kindle store are in English?

The release of the German Kindle store sheds some light on the problems that non-English language book markets could face as Amazon.com increases its global footprint. Already there are digital sages suggesting that with 643,759 English-language books in the German Kindle store, compared with just 25,000 native titles, German booksellers are going to be seriously threatened as reading in English becomes the preferred choice. Read more »


Get your digital fix at FIW

Next week The Literary Platform will celebrate its first birthday. At launch we saw FutureBook had just been unveiled too (ok, a week before us goddammit) and although we were covering some similar ground, FutureBook was focusing predominantly on what was happening inside the book industry, while The Literary Platform has a focus on what people were doing from outside of the publishing industry. One word keeps creeping into the digital publishing debate again and again - collaboration. Read more »

Can Amazon's Kindle crack German fixed prices?

UK publishers will surely be turning green when they look at the Amazon.de Kindle bestseller chart, which has just launched today. The top selling Kindle Edition is British writer Simon Beckett's Verwesung, and the selling price is €19.99. What's that you say, €19.99? Read more »


How the 'non-compete' clause can help publishers hold on to digital rights

The rise of ebook technology has brought about a good deal of uncertainty and debate over whether a publisher is entitled to exploit ebook rights in its back list or whether such rights are reserved to the author. Read more »

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