Beyond the Kindle, the rise of the tablet

Is the dedicated e-reader dying out? This is one of the views posited by a whitepaper just published by YUDU Media.

I've heard this argument before, and though it seems odd coming in the midst of an e-book bubble fueled by the one-trick Kindle, and after the recent launches of new e-ink readers by Barnes & Noble, and Kobo, I think the argument has merit. Read more »


Booksurfers: a new adventure in digital publishing

Booksurfers is a new action adventure series by David Gatward for the 9-12 market, and in many ways it is very much in the grand tradition of classic adventure tales: a group of kids thrown together in an unfamiliar environment with a problem to solve, an insane criminal mastermind with an evil genius sidekick, a range of exciting locations . . . but it also has a contemporary twist. Read more »


E-book bestseller chart with prices: 13th June 2011

Philip Stone, Charts Expert: Karen Slaughter's direct-to-digital ebook exclusive, The Unremarkable Heart, climbs to the top of this week's eBestseller list thanks to solid Kindle and iBookstore downloads. It has a "digital list price" of 56 pence according to Amazon, who have discounted it by 21% (12p), to just 44p. Apple are selling it somewhere in between the two - at 49p. Benjamin Daniels' Confessions of a GP returns to the Top 10 following a three-week hiatus while Tea Obreht's The Tiger's Wife charts thanks to its recent Orange Prize for Fiction win. Read more »

Why innovation in publishing is important: an open blog

With Faber's lastest app The Waste Land gaining plaudits all over (see below, here, here, and here), and in the week of the FutureBook Innovation Workshop --which will gather Read more »

Review: The Waste Land iPad app

Rachael Beale has kindly reviewed The Waste Land iPad app for FutureBook: Rumours of the death of the enhanced ebook have been greatly exaggerated. While we wait for the EPUB3 standard to be finalised, adopted and developed for, book apps are continuing to emerge in the App Store, and none more eagerly anticipated - by me, at least - than Faber Digital's iPad app of The Waste Land. Read more »

The difference between the US and EU digital markets – the need for a new approach

The 4th Editech Conference in Milan, held on June 9th, was mostly about the fragmented nature of the European digital market. That was not unexpected – the majority of the audience was Italian, and the Italian e-book market is among the smallest in Europe, small enough to say it is virtually non-existing. Read more »

Are Readers Still Dedicated?

As well as experiencing exponential growth over the past 12 months, the e-book industry is undergoing a transition that is shaping its makeup from the inside out. Read more »

Amazon clamps down on titles (for fans of smart marketing)

Amazon yesterday clamped down on a very clever marketing technique that got a book to the top of the UK Kindle lists. The book is Catch Your Death by Louise Voss and Mark Edwards, a writing due who have pulled every trick in the book to get their book into the Kindle bestseller list. Mark has a great blog at where he details his struggle to get his work noticed among the hundreds of thousand of eBooks. Read more »


How do we cross the digital divide

The Brave New World report was published five years ago, in November 2006. Its aim was to identify the opportunities and challenges for booksellers in this new emerging digital market. Read more »

Apple’s iBooks and iCloud – big steps in the right direction but are they ‘there’ yet?

We all know that one of the biggest issues for publishers, authors and agents in the digital age is discoverability. It’s crucial that any digital product is widely available and noticeable.

So naturally I was thrilled to see that Apple’s Books (iBooks and Audiobook downloads) have now been brought into the iTunes software proper. Read more »

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