The publisher is dead, long live the publisher

With the arrival of the eBooks, reports of our demise are greatly exaggerated. In a similar way to physical self-publishing creating a "no more need for publishers" euphoria, and then a stark reality - watch history repeat itself with eBooks.

Last year we published several very good books where the author had first tried self-publishing. It seems so easy and the intoxicating articles and commentators that like to fuel the 'get the real margin you deserve' positions didn't help when physical self-publishing first became available. Read more »

Up, up, and away

Over the past week there has been a slew of statistics which showed how e-book sales are now a growing commercial reality. The Publishers Association Yearbook calculated that e-book sales last year were £13m, rising to £20m at consumer prices, amounting to perhaps 2% of overall trade sales. But these numbers already feel well out of date. Read more »


A Visit from the Goon Squad

In its print form, Jennifer Egan’s A Visit from the Goon Squad last month deservedly won the 2011 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. It has also now been published as an app by Constable & Robinson. Read more »

Android or iOS?

There's a lot of talk about Apple's iPad in the popular media - Apple excel at PR nearly as much as they excel at consumer product design! But for all its merits, is Apple's iOS platform (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad) the right horse to back? And is it even necessary or wise to back just one horse? Read more »

The future is in the margin

What if a book was never ending? What if you could add your own knowledge to the book you were reading? Visible to all the other readers? What if this was possible today? Read more »


New Kindle's Secret

We’ve this week uncovered Amazon’s secret weapon in the eBook reader land grab. It explains why the new Kindle reader is selling in its droves and why the other eReader manufacturers need to retaliate very quickly.

Code named ‘Operation Sandwich’ it’s a devilishly clever new tactic in the battle for ereader supremacy. Read more »

Profile: Kathryn Earle, MD of Berg & Visual Arts

Berg Fashion Library recently won a FutureBook award for the best publishing website. MD Kathryn has kindly written this piece explaining the background behind the site: In September 2010, we launched the Berg Fashion Library (‘BFL’, an online resource for fashion students and academics. The BFL looks at dress across cultures and throughout history. It will be updated three times a year. Read more »

This could be the first real iPad killer

At times, the term ‘iPad killer’ passes. I have also used it a few times. Not because I felt that a particular device really could be an iPad killer, but because the manufacturer positioned it that way at the introduction. But now there is an exception, which I myself think could be the first potential iPad killer. And it has nothing to do with its features. Read more »

Fool me once . . .

How good it is to see Simon and Schuster post such positive figures in these troubled times. Of course it begs a number of questions, not least how long it will be that publishers can continue to pull long faces and mutter darkly about the Scylla of recession and the Charybdis of e-books. Read more »

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