The Digital Factor

*in Beyoncé voice* If I were a publisher...I’d be asking myself the following, once straightforward, question: ‘What’s the shelf-life of a book?’

In review terms a new title’s sent out to the trade – and by ‘the trade’ I mean everyone from reviewers at newspapers to book bloggers, industry magazines to celebrities who might be persuaded to tweet about it – three months before publication. This could double in the case of bigger publishers still utilising proof copies. (I know, how quaint...)  Read more »

‘In the future everything will be free’

The digitization of all media means that more and more organizations are coping with difficult times. Including the book world. The book world is just experiencing the transformation from analogue to digital, where the music and the film industry have for years. From record stores to video rental services, from big record labels to film studios, they have all had to change their businesses in some form to stay alive, if they were able to. And now it is our turn. Read more »

Buying ‘direct from the farm’

Fantasy and sci-fi author Stephen Hunt has conducted an online survey to find out what his readers think of e-books. Calling it the "largest e-book survey of its kind to date with 836 respondents", Hunt polled readers about how they are using new e-book technologies such as the Kindle and Apple’s iBook software, with some interesting results. Read more »

FutureBook chart with Luzme prices

Here's this week's Futurebook chart with Luzme prices.

If it doesn't show up, then you can see the original live at Read more »


Publishers thinking digitally first last (and not always)

At the time of the launch of Bloomsbury Reader I queried a couple of digital directors as to why they thought the list was restricted to reviving out-of-print titles or forgotten classics. Why not new books? Why not a digitally exclusive list for books that are not viable (for whatever reason) to publish in print? Read more »


Making the first move

It was after the FutureBook Innovation Workshop a few weeks ago that The Bookseller cornered me in the pub.

“You’re the girl that was rude about the book industry in New Media Age magazine,” they said. I took a slug of my drink and wondered if I should run away. Read more »

Hire Intelligence

All right, just a couple of declarations up front...

This is what you might call a placed piece. I'm writing about something I'm involved in because I was asked to, and with the knowledge and consent of FutureBook.

Also: I have a fat face all of a sudden and I'm really annoyed about it. I'm actually in reasonable shape. I need to do some Pilates for my lower back but, thanks to pain and grunting at the gym, for a guy who sits at a desk all day I'm surprisingly fit. Why, then, do I have cheeks like an engorged halibut?

Well, hmph. Anyway, moving on... Read more »

Madness at the Games Show - Method in the Business?

So, the dust has settled following E3 and I can finally post a few thoughts up here.

For the uninitiated, E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) is the biggest trade-only videogames show in the world, held annually in LA. Read more »

We are all postmodernists now

Author Gavin James Bower has written this post for FutureBook: The future of the book, if you believe the hype, hinges less on publishers and more on one of the retail and technology giants – Apple, Google, Amazon – dominating the space, both in terms of market share and platform.  Read more »

Even more bushes to beat – PR in a digital world

I spent some time with Penguin’s stunning On The Road app this week, it’s a treasure trove of engaging content, illuminating back-story and to top it all off it's a book I love.  However what really caught my eye was the pre-publication letter from Patricia McManus, the Publicity Director of Viking, to Jack Kerouac. Read more »

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