£10,000 up for grabs for digital innovators

I have been asked to help judge an award that is offering £10,000 to entrepreneurs looking at developing a new digital based business model or application that helps content providers (in this case publishers) in their transition to digital. That's £10,000 out of a total Government backed pot of £200,000.

In total 20 applicants will receive a grant, with applicant working in the following sectors, publishing, film/TV, music and "wild card". Read more »


The Death of the Book Store...Don’t ask for whom the bell tolls, it’s just the first round....

What we are currently experiencing in the high street is an adjustment to a revolution, albeit one in a velvet glove. eBooks won't be the demise of the high street book store nor will they replace paper books.  The publishing industry has had problems long before the current rise in eBook popularity and a lot of those problems have been enforced on book shops by the publishing industry who have in turn bounced back some pretty unsustainable business practices.  Read more »

E-book bestseller charts with prices: 22nd Feb 2011

Philip Stone, charts editor: It's "as you were" at the sharp end of this week's e-bestseller list with numbers one-thru-four all holding position week-on-week. "The next Stieg Larsson" Jo Nesbø's The Redbreast joins the chart in eighth place, as his The Leopard falls out of the Top 10. Read more »

BN.com selling more ebooks than print, but at what cost

Here is a quote from Barnes & Noble's chief executive William Lynch about the group's third-quarter results. "In the digital area, our econtent business continues to scale quickly such that we now sell twice as many ebooks as we do physical books at BN.com."

What! "Twice" as many. Read more »


A bold approach

Martin Klopstock of Kogan Page has provided FutureBook with a great case study of their book and iPad app BOLD. Really useful to find out how the project developed, key decisions and the strategy they have taken:


‘The crisis consists precisely in the fact that the old is dying and the new cannot be born; in this interregnum a great variety of morbid symptoms occur.’

(Antonio Gramsci 1891–1937) Read more »

E-books accelerate towards the tipping point

At TOC Frankfurt last October SourceBooks' publisher Dominique Raccah made the point that digital was happening faster than anyone had imagined. She has now revised her forecast: upwards.

Here is Raccah on the SourceBooks blog talking about her recent presentation at last week's TOC New York. Read more »


These Charming Men: Digital Publishing and the Cult of Personality

This weekend I came across an interesting observation from 2002 by Alistair McCleery, concerning ‘the general erasure of the human from book history’, being: Read more »

The Three Little Pigs by Nosy Crow (rating BAB)

The Three Little Pigs app is the first app from Nosy Crow, a new independent  children's publisher. On opening the app, you are given three options: Read & Play, Read to me, or Read by Myself. In these three different modes the app works for various reading  abilities and ages. The app is aimed at 4 and older, but there is plenty to  offer 2 and 3 year olds too. The pre-school kids I tested this app on were  totally captivated by it (in play mode). Read more »

Silver surfers or digital pioneers?

More people aged over 55 own e-readers than the younger generation, according to a new study on digital reading habits, reported in The Bookseller, under the headline "More over-50s own e-readers than youngsters". Read more »

The end of the bookstore chain? Borders, bankruptcy - A & R in administration, in the same week

ABC news website covered today that "US bookstore chain Borders announced that it has filed for bankruptcy protection from its creditors so that it can reorganise and re-emerge as "a stronger and more vibrant book seller.". In the same day news emerged that the Angus and Robertson chain down under has gone into administration allegedly blaming online for its demise. The full article on Borders is here. Read more »

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