What can digital do for us? Think big

In Penny Marshall's 1988 film, Big, the twelve-year-old protagonist, Josh Baskin, is turned away from a carnival ride for being too short. Later, standing in front of a fortune teller machine, Josh makes a wish to be big. This being Hollywood, he awakes the next day in the body of a thirty-year-old man (Tom Hanks).
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The digital-only model is cool for cats - and even Shakespeare

The literary agent Andrew Wylie once remarked that 'in the long run, the most valuable author of all is Shakespeare.' The well documented short-termism of major trade publishers has created a market congested with meerkats and strictly-come-novelists. In an industry obsessed by market share and short-term sales, month-long bestsellers will always take precedence over serious literature which, if it sells at all, does so steadily over time. In a depressed market, this nervousness of unpredictable long-term investment is understandable. Read more »

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