An interactive ‘Media-Melt’ storyworld: The Memory Machine

Any story that's designed to combine 'multiple narratives, simultaneously delivered through interactive experiences' will always catch my attention. Read more »

This other country

The Bookseller Children's Conference showed what a curate's egg the kids market has become.

Print is growing and sales of physical children's books are on course to record their biggest year ever through bookshop tills - thanks in large part to offshoots of digital phenomena such as Minecraft, and playground crazes such as loom-banding.

Meanwhile, the kids are increasingly active online, both in terms of their use of social media as well as access to tablets and mobile devices. Read more »

Crowdsorcery: #FutureChat recap

"Join the crowd" on Friday meant jumping in on our #FutureChat conversation with The community about all things crowd-ish -- crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, a crowded season of releases and new ideas.

Even as I create this recap, an email has arrived offering "your very own piece of PeerIndex!" (Exclamation point theirs.) The London-based social analytics platform PiQ, the solicitation announces, is "crowdfunding the investment we need" -- a  £500k goal with £411,720 already pledged, apparently, on a 10-percent equity offering. Read more »

'The crowd' and innovation - a small publishing Advance

For a writer, it’s a seductive proposition: you are the authority on your subject, and all you need is the guidance of an experienced professional in London or New York to help hone your text; add in the services of a competent copy editor and your book will be perfectRead more »

The Bookseller Children's Conference: #PorterMeets Voxburner's Luke Mitchell

With all the pleasure any good teenager has in proving his elders wrong, the 16-to-24-year-old age group might seem at times to delight in confusing marketers.

And at Thursday's The Bookseller Children's Conference, in London, some of Luke Mitchell's comments to the audience will help sort out what may be behind that demographic's role in publishing's fastest-growing sector. Read more »

Publishing's whirli-dig

In 2013 responding to what was then the unexpected slowdown in the growth of e-book sales, Faber chief executive Stephen Page wrote an op-ed in The Bookseller about ‘publishing fairytales’. Read more »

Measure for measure: the Digital Census since 2009

Last week we launched the latest Digital Census, The Bookseller’s once a year opportunity to take a measure of what the book and digital communities think about this developing landscape. Read more »

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